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You can reach the Service Department Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM EST at 717-272-3051 ext. 488. Calls placed in Service Department voicemail after hours are returned next business day.

Emergency Telephone Technical Service is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year: 717-389-0488.


Service News

Hauck Industrial Service Programs

Hauck service personnel are renowned in the asphalt industry for their professionalism and breadth of knowledge. Did you know that this same level of service is also available to Hauck’s industrial customers?

The service experts at Hauck can ensure that your furnace application operates in a trouble-free, fuel efficient and safe manner while keeping maintenance costs at predictable, manageable levels.

NFPA 86 recommends an annual program of inspection, testing and maintenance of burner systems. Implementation of a Hauck Industrial Service Program is a cost effective way of ensuring that your combustion system is operating at peak efficiency and safety.

Services offered include:

  • New equipment start-up/commissioning
  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Safety Audits
  • Energy efficiency improvements
  • Emissions reduction and compliance
  • Combustion system tune-ups
  • On-site and Hauck-based Service Schools and Training Programs

Contact Patrick Horn or Steven Weidman (717-389-0488) today to find out more about our Industrial Service Programs.

Hauck Launches New Burner for Aggregate Drying

Hauck has designed a new burner to meet ultra low NOx emission requirements for aggregate drying applications. Utilizing the latest lean burn premix technologies (patent pending), the NovaStar offers design and performance advantages without the added expense of flue gas recirculation (FGR) for NOx reduction.

Emission requirements on asphalt plants are becoming increasingly more stringent. Traditionally, FGR has been used as an add-on to existing burners to reduce NOx emissions. FGR can be an expensive and complicated system to manage. The industry trend will be to require lower and lower emission levels, beyond the ability of most FGR systems to accomplish.

Hauck has utilized a completely different combustion technology to achieve the NOx reduction offered by the NovaStar. The lean burn premix method of combustion thoroughly mixes air and fuel before they reach the burner nozzle/flame holder. The fully and evenly mixed air-gas flow allows for complete combustion, while at the same time quenching the reaction, keeping the flame temperature low enough to prevent the formation of thermal NOx.

The NovaStar features:

  • Ultra low NOx emissions of < 20 ppm without FGR
  • Low pressure design
  • Precise air flow control via VFD
  • Compact flame
  • Low maintenance design

TriOx Burners Making Inroads in Steel and Aluminum Industries

Hauck’s triple air staged ultra low NOx TriOx burner is experiencing a year of successful sales throughout the world in the aluminum and steel industries building on the burner’s ever expanding installation base. The burner is also being used in thermal fluid heaters particularly in areas where stringent air quality standards must be observed.

Significant TriOx sales include:

Alcoa Aluminum (2 burners)

Allegheny Ludlum

  • Steel Reheat Furnace (8 burners)
  • Side-Fired Walking Hearth Furnace
  • (8 burners)


  • Aluminum Furnace (2 burners)

CMC Steel

  • Steel Reheat Furnace (26 burners)

CMI –Thermline

  • Steel Reheat Furnace (24 TriOx &12 WHI burners)

Evergreen Oil

  • 2 Thermal Fluid Heaters (single burner)

Metalico Aluminum Recovery

  • Well Charged Aluminum Melter (4 burners)

Mead Westvaco

  • Thermal Fluid Heater (single burner)

Nucor Steel

  • New York - Pusher Type Steel ReheatFurnace (22 burners)
  • Texas – Pusher Type Steel Reheat Furnace(22 burners)

Qatalum Aluminum

  • 11 Aluminum Melter/Holders (22 burners)

Asil Celik

  • Walking Beam Reheat Furnace (12 burners)

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NFPA Specifications

Hauck has consistently designed combustion systems that rigidly adhere to the recommendations set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and has urged our customers to do the same. The 2007 edition of NFPA 86 has been greatly expanded to include several new safety requirements for …