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Mineral Process

The combustion system experts at Hauck Manufacturing Company have been meeting the process heating requirements of the mineral processing industry through quality products and world class customer service since 1888. Hauck provided the latest in combustion technology with burners and controls for both direct and indirect-fired applications for the mineral processing industry. Enhancing these products is a complete line of air blowers, valves, and electronic process controls.

Hauck is in the forefront of multi-fuel combustion systems, with a long history of products that handle and burn fuels of all composition including waste oils and low calorific gases. Hauck has provided the mineral processing industry with quality products, process technology, and world-class customer service. Specifically, for the mineral processing industry, Hauck has developed the EcoStarII and StarJet burners for rotary processes as well as process air heaters for other drying and process technologies. All of our solutions utilize our industry recognized combustion equipment and controls to provide efficient, versatile, and reliable mineral process combustion solutions

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Case Studies

Fuel Your Plant with Methane
Hauck makes design modifications to StarJet asphalt burner to support use of an alternative fuel - landfill gas. more

BioDiesel White Paper
What is Biodiesel? Biodiesel is typically made of feedstock from soybean oil, recycled cooking oil (yellow grease), or animal fat. Biodiesel is made using an alcohol like methanol and a chemical process that separates glycerine (a byproduct used commercially in soaps) and biodiesel from fats or vegetable oils. Biodiesel is the only alternate fuel approved by the EPA.