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The combustion system experts at Hauck Manufacturing Company have been meeting the process heating requirements of the aluminum industry through quality products and world class customer service since 1888. Hauck provided the latest in combustion technology with burners and controls for both direct and indirect-fired applications for the aluminum industry. Enhancing these products is a complete line of air blowers, valves, and electronic process controls.

Hauck is in the forefront of multi-fuel combustion systems, with a long history of products that handle and burn fuels of all composition including waste oils and low calorific gases. Hauck has provided the aluminum industry with quality products, process technology, and world-class customer service. Specifically, for the aluminum industry, Hauck has developed the TriOx Ultra Low NOx burner for melting and holding applications, and has recently released ultra low NOx flat flame burner technology.

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Case Studies

Retrofit of SVG 125s for Low NOx Combustion

Redesign of gas/air mixing cup to reduce emissions


TriOx Combustion System Provides Low Dross Formation in Side-Well Aluminum Melter

The reduction of aluminum oxide, or dross losses, represents a significant cost saving opportunity to the secondary aluminum melting industry. This article shows how these cost savings can achieve payback of less than six months.



State-of-the-Art Combustion System Controls and Burner Designs

Today's heat treating combustion industries face many challenging issues. State-of-the-art combustion system controls and burner designs can meet these challenges.